viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Top Secret

WikiLeaks has become very fashionable lately, but in reality has been operating since 2007, fame has come as almost always through a scandal, as the leakage of secret documents from the U.S.

WikiLeaks could be described as a portal of leaks, which ensures the anonymity of the source and set up in order to report unethical and abusive conducts of dictatorships, and other organizations, but as seen also in democratic countries, since in democracies with alleged free press there are taboo subjects that can not be touched without fear of reprisals from the power and the powerful people; so it seems a great idea to "filter" news anonymously, without fear of reprisal. We might think that is the ideal way to circumvent censorship.

The problem arises when those leaks bother to governments or powerful organizations, which seem to be reacting in different ways as to imprison its guardian Mr. Julian Assange and it seems is becoming a headache for the managers of this site and this consists in "false leaks" from groups interested in discrediting WikiLeaks, arguing, once denounced the falsehoods, that whatever is published is false.

But this is only just beginning, so we'll see where they move in the future, we will be watchful, to distinguish the truths of the poisoning, but seeing the great role of many media, supposedly free, but always ready to wash the face of the power.

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